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Why people buy apps (the Instapaper story)

I used to think that I knew exactly why people buy apps. In the case of iOS apps, there are several obvious places where an app could get highlighted :

1. The App Store – either as a featured product, or through one of the Top 10 lists.

2. App review websites – for example Touch Arcade.

3. Magazine reviews – yes, people still read paper magazines.

4. Friend recommendations.

The #4 point has always been mentioned as the most effective way to get people to download and use an app. After all, a friend would know what you like (or can make a good guess of it).

Sometimes, a good friend of the app developer can make an honest, persuasive case for the app. I have been using Instapaper Free for ages on my iPhone. I’ve always considered buying the full app, however the $5 investment seemed a bit too steep for something that just allows me to read more. (Disclosure: I already read a lot). I bought Instapaper yesterday. The reason? This argument by Merlin Mann. I love that the it’s not just a review of Instapaper listing the features and specifications. Instead, it’s about the act of reading and choices that you make.

So – for app developers, don’t overlook the value of a good friend who really believes in you, and what you are doing.

Precentral has the goods on the new Web OS 3.0 tablet operating system from HP.
They have some interesting screenshots of the new interface, showing major apps including the web browser (renamed Browser), Maps (which now uses Bing instead of Google Maps), Instant Messaging and an iTunes-like Music app.
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RIM gets into the tablet game with PlayBook

Ever since Apple showed the world how to do tablet computers right, everyone else has been scrambling to come up with a competitor to the iPad.  The latest company to jump on the tablet bandwagon is RIM, which has uneveiled the BlackBerry PlayBook

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How to win a free iPad [seriously]

Have you bought yourself an iPad yet? If not, then here’s your chance to win one. The folks at This Week In iPad are celebrating their 25th episode by giving away a free iPad.
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